Saturday, August 8, 2009


This month turned out to be sort of the Movie Month for it because i have too much time? or is it because there too many movies in town? or perhaps it's just me have nothing else to do after my working hours...

So this is the first time for me try to write some comments about these movies OR @ least from my point of view, a view of the Very Less Important Person in this world..

Let us begin with The Taking of Pelham 123...staring John Travolta and Denzel Washington..It is another masterpiece from Tony Scott, a story where the Goods beat the Evils. The difference is that the good guy is a nobody as well as the bad guy. The main attraction for audience to stick to their chairs are the conversations between the two main characters...the scripts are superb...the plot although predictable but the people are kept waiting for what is more to come out from the characters mouth..the synical and yet surprising reactions are well perfomed by Mr. Travolta and Mr Washington..what more can i say..people know who are they and what are they capable of. is a very good movie...4 stars out of 5.

Now, lets move on to Public Enemy staring by who else than Mr.Depp as Johnny Dillinger.Based on the true story of this legendary bank robber, Mr. Depp plays a very good role as the main character who are always cool despites being the most wanted man in the U.S. at that time. What i can say is, this is the movie which people can remember for a long time since Dick Tracy and Godfather's epic. However, the heroin is merely playing her part and not mesmerizing the audience at all( And i can't even bother to recall her name!!) Miss Kiera Knightly could be a better choice..and im saying this not because im so fanatic with the Pirates trilogy, it's just my personal view, since she also has the '50's babes' look or perhaps Mrs. Winslet can be another better choice. To conclude..i can give 3 stars..still worth watching.

Then we jump to the fantasy part..the Harry Porter latest installation...Half Blood Prince... it is a movie basically made for the real fan of HP, otherwise, you have to watch the 1st movie and carry on until you reach this latest one to understand what actually the casts are talking about. Harry is no longer a boy but rather become a matured teenager. And I can agree with reviews saying that this new movie is less darker then its predecessor..the Order of the Pheonix..which means we can bring our kids to watch it without facing the problem to cover their eyes.. i give 3 stars..

For romantic comedy, The Proposal is quite different. Ray Reynolds and Sandra Bullock play a lively yet extraordinary couple transforming from a boss-personal assistant relationships into the instant bride-groom to be with all the sceptical and lively humors. Except "NINE", i can proudly say that Ray Reynolds is a multitasking actor and romantic comedy is his best.Sandra on the other hand is not so dissappointed, but don't expect more then Ms. Congeniality. Again, Ray Reynold make this movie more fun to watch. 4 stars...

Last but not least, SETEM, a local production directed by Khabir Bhatia...the same method of co-incidents and the connection between characters towards the end of the movie is very predictable. I hope Mr. Khabir could think of a new and interesting method for his next movie because although his current method is quite different from other local movie maker and become his signature, people will sooner or later get bored and that is not a good news for a director. And talking about the same actors used Afdlin, Vanida,Que Haidar and few others is rather lame although those actors played their characters well. People want to see more new faces palying the main roles. The plot is however deserve thumbs up. A fresh idea.. and the comedy....very well blended..spontanious and have the good ingredients to be called funny. Personally, for a local movie...., SETEM is till a very good choice to watch..your money is worth in each penny spent. 4 stars from me...BRAVO.

There goes for movies that i watched this month alone..GI JOE is my next destination.. Enjoy your movies..!!

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